Pathways Trust

Pathways trust, 2018
Custom lettering / Brand identity / Logo Design

Pathways Trust is a holistic therapy charity based in in the crypt of St John of Bethnal Green. I had the pleasure of designing their new logo in the autumn of 2018.

Pathways Trust logo design
Custom typography lettering font johnston
PTArtboard 2 copy 3.png

Pathways Trust is the longest standing complementary health centre in East London. 

London Undeground

Bethnal Green Underground station has been a strong part of the trust’s identity since moving to St. Johns Church in 2004.

Johnston’s typeface is synonymous with London. It was commissioned in 1913 for the London underground and has been used extensively across the city ever since.

Being a charity, the London letter was chosen to set a tone of trust and familiarity, as well as marking the practice’s proximity to Bethnal Green Underground station.

Archway Icon

The Crypt

The practice is located in the crypt of St. John on bethnal green. you enter the practice through a series of Georgian archways and the therapy rooms are, themselves, characterised by the subterranean architecture.

The muted acoustics gained from the stone masonry and its depth creates an atmosphere of peaceful solemnity. As well as being a visual representation of the practice, archways symbolise a foundation of integrity and trust.

Pathways Trust Johnston Typography Font
Pathways Trust logo design
Pathways Custom Logo Stamp
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