Very Vegan Cakes

Elaine Syrett, 2018
Brand identity / Web Design / Illustration

Vegan cakes have been perfected by South London baker Elaine Syrett. The brand communicates the natural tastiness of the cakes & the wholesome personality of the brand.

Very Vegan Cakes logo design
VVC logo icon

Elaine’s kitchen is full of beautiful crockery, sunshine, and vegan cakes. I tried to capture her personality and the warm, rustic atmosphere of her kitchen.

I tried to emulate Elaine’s generously hand-measured style in my illustrations giving a natural, charming style to the brand.

Very Vegan Cakes Web Design

Vegan cakes don’t have to taste vegan!

Cake Illustration Chocolate
Cake Illustration Sponge
Cake Illustration Coconut
Cake Illustration Cherry Bakewell
Cake Illustration Bara Brith
B MarketArtboard 1 copy.png
BexArtboard 1 copy 3.jpg
VVC brand identity

Very Vegan Cakes now supplies to a host of cafes around South East London and has a regular stall at Beckenham Market…

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