Not By design

Clinton tavares, 2019
Graphic design / Illustration / Typography

Clinton Tavares is a country and western singer / songwriter… from Watford and with Goan heritage.

He approached me to help create the album art for his forthcoming album Not by Design and this was a creative challenge I couldn’t resist. His background is less than typical and, though he celebrates this, it doesn’t define him or his music. I wanted to create an album cover which represents all of these elements without succumbing to the typical western design troupes.

Album Art Design
ThumbArtboard 9.png
ThumbArtboard 9 copy 2.png
ThumbArtboard 9 copy.png
Initial design concept
Initial design concept

To early design concepts; one collaging Clinton’s various influences, the other setting the artist in an alien, yet familiar landscape. We merged these two designs to form the final album cover.


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