University of Chichester, 2018
Theatre Design / Graphic Design / Art Direction

I worked in partnership with designer Molly Syrett to art direct and design the stage adaptation of Wickerman, written and directed by Emma Kilbey


A musical adaptation of the 1973 cult classic The Wickerman

The stripped back, conceptual set design allowed the people of Summerisle to manipulate Sgt Howie, controlling his environment via five operative screens.

Folkloric symbols and shapes encompass the island, spelling Howie’s fate, and eventually condemning him to sacrifice.

A man who has come here as a fool!

Summerisle Photo
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Inspiration Moodboard

The original film set out the blueprint for our design, full of folklore and Scottish island life.

We looked to build on this by making a connection between the human form and the events in the play. The female body represents the sexual and idealogical liberation the islanders try to temp St. Howie with. The male body is connected to Howie himself and the power he represents as “police officer, from the mainland”.

Summerisle Photo
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Summerisle Set Design
Summerisle Set Design
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Summerisle Set Design
Summerisle Set Design
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