Moonlight Club

University of Chichester, 2018
Theatre Design / Graphic Design / Art Direction

I worked in partnership with designer Molly Syrett to art direct and design the immersive set for Moonlight Club, Joel Scott and Paul Ackerly’s stunning adaptation of Woyzeck.

Moonlight Club theatre design
George Set design

George Buchner is stalked by failure, loneliness and paranoia. The audience follow George on his daily routine as the guardian of an abandoned building as his perception of reality progressively slips.

The definition between reality and fantasy blurs until the audience are left to work out - more so than usual - what is real.

Because of the immersive nature of the show, every inch of the theatre needed to perform as George’s labyrinth; the foyer, dressing rooms and main stage alike. We created a world of blaring neon lights contrasted against dark, hidden corners for George to move between, in varying states of mind.

Moonlight Club Poster Design

It would be better to die once and for all than to suffer pain for all one's life.

George Buchner

Program Layout.png

Inspiration Moodboard

Once we made the decision to connect George’s state of mind with the show’s lighting, we explored how extreme lighting states can change the atmosphere of a place, situation or person.

We were helped greatly by lighting designer Clancy Flynn, to turn these ideas into reality and transform Worthing Assembly Hall into Georges physiological prison.

George Close Up Design
Band Members against posters
Moonlight book.png
Moonlight Club Brochure design